Increase your business
Maximize contact with your customers
Reach the right customer 
at the right time
 with the right communication channel

Call center managers today are driven to reach new levels of performance and profitability. To operate more efficiently, you need a software solution that will turbo-charge your center’s productivity.

What would more right party contacts mean to your bottom line?     

Predictive dialers led the first wave of dramatically increased efficiency in outbound contact centers. Now CenterForce Optimizer leads the second wave by boosting “right party contacts.” Sophisticated telemarketing, collections, and other outbound contact centers are seeing dramatic improvement – virtually overnight – by putting CenterForce Optimizer to work.

Leverage Your Predictive Dialer Investment
Since your dialer can’t distinguish calls answered by customers – right party contacts – from calls answered by wrong parties (roommates, children, etc.), agents spend more than 50% of their time talking to the wrong people. CenterForce Optimizer can change this ratio dynamically and improve your contact center’s productivity dramatically.

CenterForce Optimizer can increase the number of decision makers your agents speak with every hour!

Accumulating and analyzing the history of every call placed by your dialer, CenterForce Optimizer schedules the best time of day for each call, based on the statistical likelihood of a right party contact. Using CenterForce Optimizer to increase the probability of a right party contact allows you to use your agents’ time more efficiently to generate sales or collections.

With CenterForce Optimizer working for you, you can spend your time developing your agents’ skills instead of strategizing best times to call. Put your talents to work as a manager of people, not just calculating numbers and ratios.

What would it mean to your business if you could pass your list only once or twice – and generate better results than you do now with three or four passes?

How CenterForce Optimizer Works:
1. Each morning the accounts to be contacted are passed from your dialer to CenterForce Optimizer and prioritized based on user-defined parameters. For example, in a collections environment, accounts with high delinquent balances could receive priority. In telemarketing, you might rank previous buyers as most important.

2. CenterForce Optimizer collects data on all call attempts and their disposition. It uses this information to create a contact history database that is maintained intra-day, account by account. Call strategies are created for each individual customer using the contact history database and advanced statistical techniques.

3. CenterForce Optimizer uses the call strategies and each day’s agent staffing plan to place the prioritized accounts into time-specific campaigns designed to maximize the number of right party contacts.

4. Finally, CenterForce Optimizer works in close integration with your dialer to execute intra-day operation of the optimized calling campaigns.

Improve productivity dramatically. Realize return on investment in just 4-10 months. Guaranteed.

Operating on a UNIX workstation, CenterForce Optimizer is scaleable to support the full range of dialing configurations of centers with a few agents to centers with thousands of agents operating over multiple sites.

Superb Customer Support
Although CenterForce  Optimizer is designed and tested to perform in a mission critical role, we believe our customers deserve the utmost customer support. We have developed a knowledge-base/account team system that ensures you immediate, qualified support and allows you to spend less time managing the system and more time managing your contact center.

Our unique attitude toward serving our customers manifests itself in the Customer Advocates we hire and our commitment to their constant training and education. We place a strong emphasis on cross-training, resulting in support teams whose skills combine the best in project management and technical expertise.

Innovative Solutions That Improve Your Bottom Line
CenterForce Optimizer is part of a flexible, integrated suite of high-performance software developed by CenterForce to help you focus on your critical objective – improving your bottom line. Other CenterForce applications include CenterForce Planner™ for outbound forecasting; and CenterForce Analyzer™ for agent productivity and schedule adherence measurement. These practical tools propel contact centers of all sizes to greater levels of productivity – and profitability.

The CenterForce productivity suite integrates with systems from Aspect, DAVOX, EIS, eShare, Genesys, and Lucent to enhance functionality in a fail-safe environment.

Easy to buy. Makes you a hero. Guaranteed.

Find out more about how CenterForce Optimizer and our suite of innovative software solutions can change the way you do business in your contact center. Let’s make contact.