The CenterForce productivity suite integrates with systems from Aspect, Davox, EIS, eShare, Genesys, and Lucent. Our tightly integrated partnerships with these industry leaders give our customers maximum productivity return on their investment. Collaborations begin with product cross-training and Genesysextend down to the core technical level.

Our partnerships even go as far as co-engineering and pre-release beta testing, assuring seamless integration and maximum leverage of system features. We keep our partners’ systems in our engineering labs, integrate our product into each new release and then test the functionality and integration of our systems’ features.

The cycle completes with user group summits, where we compare ideas and observations with our partners. These Nortelsummits form the basis of new product designs and feature upgrades, again allowing us to share the rewards of these alliances with our customers.

Building products for real people
In doing so, we don’t just look at the technology, we focus on the human issues aspect.gif (2739 bytes)involved in call center management. Our organization is staffed with people who have first-hand knowledge of call center operations at every level. We take a team approach, engaging experts throughout our company to successfully implement and support our customers’ systems.